My Book Live

I was not able to access my MBL due to UI not accepting my password. I press and held button at the back of MBL to reset my admin password. It looks like all my data from MBL is gone? I was under the impression that small button (held it for 4 seconds) is for reseting admin password and not wiping the data?

Can someone comment on this please.

Looks like you might have the same issue as a bunch of us: Help! All data in mybook live gone and owner password unknown

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I have back up MBL for thes ekind of issues. Lost about 5% data (pictures) mostly since I dont replicate as often as I should

I’m in a similar boat. Thankfully I’ve probably got 95%+ of the files backed up elsewhere but not everything. It’s also going to be a pain to locate the files on various old HDDs etc and collect them all together again.