Forgot user and password help going mad


did a stupid thing chnager password and forgot it been searching online for help 

need help asap got 1TB worth of data need backing up help 

it’s a mybooklive 2TB using with mac 


Read the manual.   Password reset instructions are in the manual.

Tony, be nice. Maybe he threw away the box and manual!  :smiley:

I’m sure slim4 will find that reset button behind the small hole soon.

Kind of hijacking this thread, but the problem for me is that the reset button is NOT working.

Tried to push it for 4, 10, 30, 60 seconds. Tried to force the MBL to do a boot routine (pulled out the ethernet cable and waited 30 mins. then pulled the power cable. plugged both in again). Also tried pushing the reset button during start up. Nothing changes. I even tried lauching the script (reset button script) through SSH. Still no changes. Any idear?