Forgotten/lost password

Hi hope someone can help with my issue please, i have had my book live drive now for several years and I have recently purchased a new laptop and now I need to set up on new laptop but keeps asking for owners password and I dont know what I set it as, or where i wrote it down either just wonder if I could reset the drive without losing any of my saved stuff. Many thanks in advance for any help.

p.s.  Im not good with tech so simple step by step instructions would be great.

the user’s manual has the answer to to your question.

could not find an online manual and have lost the one which was supplied with the unit

Have you heard about the exciting new internet thing called Google?  it finds things you lost, like ambition.

pin in the reset button 8 seconds MBL reboots 

clean password and resets IP address. happed to me. 

Ths is a very typical problem … and the producers would better sugggest for this problem … I am normally used to write my passwords to a notebook. But one night somehow western digital wanted me to update my password … than it did ot like a couple of times my suggestions … add number … one letter big etc … finally I approved … but I was working and was tired … one didn’ note the password … by the way computer was doing that automatically … after one of the macbook software updates it has forgotten the password too … now my book is locked!

Try a 4 sec reset on my book, on the back side of that, there is reset button, press and hold it for 5-10 sec with papper click