Resetting older MyBookLive

I have an older (~2 years) MyBookLive network drive that started refusing connections. I disconnected it, shut it down, and set it aside. now, I’ve pulled it out of storage and decided to put it to the use  originally intended it for: a network-connected file back-up server for my home/office network. problem: I’ve lost the password I set for it, and disposed of the computers that had been connected to it in the interem…and no matter how many times I hit the “Reset” button, the configuration file on the drive remains active, meaning that it’s still password protected.

So, any hints on how I can wipe the configuration file and reset this beast so I can set it up again?

You must depress and hold the reset button for a certain amount of time.  Read the owner’s manual for the exact amount of time required to hold the reset button.  I can’t remember it. It will also create a default password - read the manual.

Thanks, but I tried depressing the reset button. held it in for around half a minute while the unit was powered up…no reset. Held it in about the same time with the unit powered down…no reset.

So, anyone have any other ideas?

read the owner’s manual about how to do the reset properly.

Thank you, but I alerady did that. The owner’s manual says to hold the reset button down for 15 seconds and that should reset the unit to factory specs…but it doesn’t. So, as I asked, are there any people here who have run into something like this who can offer me some advice beyond “Read the owners manual.”?

If you can’t read the manual properly, there is not much hope of helping you. But we all knew that didn’t we, Troll?

Page 130

Why are you being so nasty? Why not assume that the OP has a real problem?

  1. I have the same problem as the OP
  2. I didn’t have a user manual to read… Thank you for the link.
  3. However, page 130 of the user manual tells me about environmental compliance in China and how to obtain service.
  4. You sound much more like a troll than the OP, who was being very polite in spite of your provocations.