Owner Password?

UI is asking for owner password, but I didnt set one? Can someone help?

Hi there, you can reset your MBL using the reset button on the back to erase the password without erasing the data.

Resetting the My Book Live

If you have set a password or a static IP address on My Book Live Dashboard and have forgotten it, pressing the reset button while the device is powered up resets the password to the default value of none and to default IP settings. Resetting does not erase your files.

Follow the instructions below to reset the device using the reset button:

  1. With the device powered on, insert a paperclip or narrow tipped pen into the

reset button slot on the back of the unit:

  1. Press and hold down the reset button for four seconds. The device reboots (this

may take up to three minutes).

WARNING! Do not move the unit while it is turned on. If you do not have access to the back of the unit, unplug the drive from the power source, turn the drive around so you do have access, and then plug the drive in again.

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