My book live password forget

Hello there,
my book live nas I have a device, I forgot my password and I have data in it. Will my data be deleted if I am back reset? How can I access my data?

There are two different answers because there are (at least) two different passwords.

If you have forgotten your administrative password - the password for the MBL dashboard - then use the reset button (held in to 4 seconds). That will reset the admin password and any static IP address. It will not delete the data. I’m pretty sure it does not touch MBL user definitions - userids and passwords.

If you have forgotten an MLB user password - the password used to access a data store - then log onto the dashboard (using the admin password) and change the user’s password to something you can remember. You will also have to set this new password in the network credentials of all devices that need to access the share.