My Book Live using my primary C: drive for storage

As my primary C: drive is down to 37.5GB, I decided to get a cloud storage drive, and settled on the 2TB My Book Live.  I got everything set up, and when I go to the http://mybooklive intranet UI, I can see that I am using 4GB out of 2TB.

When I go to, I can open a Public share or private share I created, in Windows Explorer.  However, when viewing my shares from Windows Explorer, the max drive space and free space for each share, exactly mirrors my primary C: drive.  And when I move stuff over to one of my shares, the free space not only changes in the details of my share, but in the details of my primary C: drive as well.

How can I change this, so it uses the 2TB of space available on the My Book Live device, instead of the 37.5GB of available space on my primary C: drive?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Edit: I tried the steps in but was unable to access the storage drive at all, after that.  It gave me an error message of “The network name cannot be found”, until I restarted the WebClient service.

Ok, I found a solution, though it’s ridiculous that it has to be done this way.

Apparently, Western Digital doesn’t consider that some people aren’t brave/foolish enough to do all their computing from an admin account.  When you install from a non-admin account, using admin credentials, it will only fully map your storage drive, on your administrator account.  So if like any sane computer user, you do most of your computing from a non-admin account, and install as administrator, the 1.8TB drive will only show up on the administrator account whose credentials you used to install the software, from the CD.

To get around that, you have to swallow the risk that comes with elevating your normal account to admin status; install the software, and reboot.  Once you log back in, check to make sure the drive is fully mapped, remove your normal user account from admin status, and reboot again.  This time, you should be able to access the full storage device, from your non-admin account.

Nope, not silly at all.

I am having the same problem. For some reason, it looks like when I backup stuff from my Laptop to my WD My Live Book DUO it also copies the same files back to my C: Drive, but I don’t know where?

This is VERY frustrating as I am now down to only 3GB on space on my C:Drive and I am worried if I change settings or anything, I might lose what I have backed up to the WD.

I have also had some secutity issues with Java & my Firefox &/or Security Firewall not allowing me to sign in via the online login area.

Another Issue is that I have 3 Icons on my Desktop…

  • My Book Live Duo Dashboard
  • My Book Live Duo Learning Center
  • My Book Live Duo Public Share

Whenever I open any of these, they just crash, none of them seem to work? I guess these were put there when I installed the CD (Which I can’t find at the moment - unless I downloaded these from the net)?

Can Anyone help.

PS: I’m not very techy minded. :wink:

Its not a WD issue that’s a winDAV problem which makes it a windows limitation but from my experience the computer will show the same size as you primary hdd only when your connecting to the drive via wd2go if you map it manually and make sure its not using winDAV you’ll get the true sizes. You can still write the the my book live drive it doesn’t really take up space on your primary hdd its just thinks it the same size as your C drive. The second link may be a possible solution for you.