How can I increase private folder size? How to do it in WIN 7

When you make a private share, unless the Webclient Service is disable, it will most likely default to a Web client network setting.  This really limits you to a small disk space and not the full size of your drive.  I found that disabling this service prior to mapping the network drive solves the issue.  The best way to do this is Windows 7, is using the services.msc utility. Simply type this in,services.msc, the “search for program” space when you click the windows icon.  Look for Webclient, double click it and set it to disable…it usually defaults to manual.  Hit apply.  Map your private share.  Then re-enable the web client service to the default you had, again usually manual.  A step by step instructions on how to disable this service can be found here.  (this is a windows tip page for disablling web client service)

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hey what’s the easy way to determine if my share/link is webdav or not?  netuse, or …?  I never thought my connection speed was bad, but maybe it could be better?

Open a cmd window, ie type cmd in the serach for program area.  The type net use.  This will tell you how the shares are connected.