Please help! I can't use more than 297 GB of my 2 TB disk! :((


I need a help! I have WD My Book Live 2TB NAS drive.

I created private share, but the share size is only 297GB. I cant put more files there! Also if i creating another private share, and this problem happens again!

Can you please help me? How i can remove this share size limit? I have 2TB disk, but i i can use oly 297GB!

How can i solve this?

P.S.  Im using Windows7.


Hello Tony!

Thanks, but i cant resolve this at moment…

I tried use those commands step by step and here is a result…

What ca i do esle? Maybe there are something that i did incorrectly?


UnMap (delete) those two network drives from your Windows computer.

Then reboot computer.

Then Map a new network drive, by clcking the Map Network Drive button on the top of the Windows Explorer dialog box.  Enter //MYBOOKIPADDRESS/PUBLIC  for one


OR you could just not use mapped drives at all (which is what i do).  To access the MBL, i go to Windows Explorer, and I click Network.  Then I see the MBL listed twice.


Im trying! I think it will help…

I just maped Public folder, but when im mapping Private filder, i need to enter my login and password…

I tryied to enter passwords from and from MBL setting web page, but these passwords dont work…

What excactly i need to enter? Thanks!

The pasword needed is the user/pwrd you set up for the Private share in the MBL Dashboard UI.   If you can’t remember it, then go into the UI and make the Private share open (without password protection, public).  Then try mapping it.   This is all so that you can see if your drive size problem goes away.