My book live data recovery offer

Is there anyone else out there that feels that Western Digital is not doing the right thing by customers? I don’t believe the offer of data recover is sufficient because they destroy your drive and only give you 40 percent off of a new drive. Why should the customer have to pay anything in this situation when the vulnerability that allowed an attacker to factory reset the device without authentication was due to their developer error? Now I feel like they are trying to strong arm me into accepting the deal like they are doing me a favor. This doesn’t sit right with me.


Absolutely ridiculous!! it doesn’t sit right with me either. I discovered my drive was hacked Aug 5th 2021 so i missed the cut off for data recovery services by july 31st 2021.

A backup drive is like a safe. You put things in it and you don’t have to keep checking to see if it’s there because it’s supposed to be safe in your safe! I haven’t logged in or access to drive for about a month until i needed this particular file and thats when I came to discover that my login and password were required to access it which was odd. Then after I logged in everything was gone. When i was able to get in I discovered that my files have been modified on June 23rd 2021. After contacting customer service, they informed me about the Attack.

This being a legacy device I had things on there from 1998! I know it wasn’t made back then but everything that i had on or in file storage I wanted to put in a “safe” place. I’ve lost everything from my taxes to my sons born day pictures and they wanna offer me 40% because I missed the cutoff date because I didn’t check my “safe” in time?!?

And Now we should trust your products one more time… by us paying to ship you our drives and giving us a coupon…For 40%?!? Not even %50… it should be %100… This is how you re-build Trust WD?

Right now I have purchased software to attempt to recover my only sons born day pics… and these people don’t understand that money can replace them… in tears…

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In the UK, I was in hospital from 14th June until 5th August, so I didn’t know about the attack, recovery “offer” or the 40% offer until I tried to get a straight answer from the live chat process.
They just did absolutely nothing…
I now have to send my MBL to a data recovery firm with no guarantee that they will be able to recover squat!!!
And then to add insult to injury (literally) they offer 40% to up grade to a cloud based drive. Great!!!
This level of customer service is truly poor, and after having WD products for at least 30+ years, NO MORE.
I just wonder how many other faithful customers they have now lost.

Time will tell…

Derek UK

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this is completely unacceptable. I wrote an email on 04/08. Western digital only left a month to turn around.
the majority of the public is on vacation.
they don’t care about consumers.
just profit.
no help no mercy

I am in the same boat.
Checked my drive this week and found the issue of being wiped. Years of memories gone, weeks of music downloaded and labeled from CD & Vinyl.
WD told me the same, outside of their “window of opportunity” for help.
No trust in WD at all now, I advise buying different brand from now on.
They admitted a lax in security allowed a back door hack and didn’t notify consumers, whose emails they have from registration.
This is criminal negligence at best!
Disgraceful & a pathetic attempt to pacify consumers, who were lucky enough to find the issue in time, 40% off a new drive after admitting their products are unsafe!
WD, GFY, power of social media!
You are a unfit to operate in this sector!

Same issue!!! Just noticed today that all my data was wiped. Completely unacceptable! Why WD left backdoors in their software for this to happen is unreal.

I had a survey questionnaire from WD… Can you believe it.
Incredulous, I kept it civil but direct!
Corporate bean counting at its best.
Would you buy a WD product again?
Splash it on SM, hit them where it hurts.