Data Recovery Offer

For those of us out there who fell victim to the factory reset attack and lost all data on our devices, are you taking part in the data recovery offer?

I just got the terms of the offer and WD says that: “The submitted My Book Live or My Book Live Duo product will not be returned and will be properly disposed of after completion of the recovery attempt.” Meaning that if they find nothing, then I can’t send my device elsewhere to try and get a second opinion. I can’t try to recover the data myself.

What are everyone’s thoughts on this? Are you trying to recover the data yourself? Will you take part in the recovery offer?

If I were you, I’d let them know that I’m going to use the lab of my preference and they are going to pay the bill. There is absolutely no reason why they would need to keep the drive, as it is perfection healthy.

I’m debating what to do. I’m not very au fait with data recovery techniques (I’ve got Active Undelete installed on my PC from aeons ago, but it sees the drives & tells me it cannot access them)

I was saying in another thread, I have everything on these drives and would be devastated if I were to lose it. I just cannot understand why they would want to destroy perfectly good drives, and not give us a chance to try and get it recovered ourselves, as RecoveryForce said, at their expense.

Also, If they recover the 3Tb of data from my 6Tb drive, will they send me 6Tb of storage in return? I doubt it, they’ll probably only send 3Tb.

Basically, it should be “Send it back, we’ll try to recover your data but if we can’t we’ll send it back to you”

I’m very torn at present, and with this 30 day ticking time limit it makes it ever harder…