Trade-in program with personal data in hard drivers

WD is proposing a trade-in program where we can update to a newer unit.
Fortunately my unit, a My Book Live Duo, wasn’t been wiped out by this attack.
On this unit, I have personal data that I don’t want to share with WD when my unit will be replaced.
Do you know if we can destroy (not only delete the content) the hard-drivers before sending the unit?
As my unit is a Duo version, I can easily remove the hard drivers.

+1 to this, even more, in my case I have the same product, but one of the disks failed along ago and I replaced it. I think we should be able to return the device without the disks

Yep agree, and I guess all customers will have the same question. Their email says: “Qualifying Product to Western Digital within 30-days of opening a case with Western Digital Support”… So what date is that? I already opened a case, have I started the countdown? And who knows how long it will take to arrive after I purchase it… then I’ll need some time to transfer all the info. And honestly, even if I delete it I don’t like the idea of sending my HD’s to unknown people. The solution they are giving is unacceptable, they say they are giving a 40% discount but the price in their store is even more expensive than purchising it in Amazon, so even with the discount it’s not even such a good deal. Solution should’ve been replace their faulty unit for free, keep you HD’s and maybe a special discount for new HD’s in case you want them for all the trouble caused.


I agree with this. Even with the 40% discount the product pricing on their website is more than my local Costco. Why would I bother?

I think they are just giving this discount so they can “save face” publicly by saying they are treating their customers well, and make it look like they care. But in fact they don’t care at all, otherwise we would be getting a FREE replacement (maybe we pay only for shipping, as that is reasonable, I think) for this faulty product that is no longer usable due to THEIR fault.

There is no way I am going to purchase another product from Western Digital, when I can get a similar product from a different manufacturer for the same price or less.

TL/DR: Their 40% discount is nothing more than a publicity stunt. I can buy a replacement cheaper (even after the discount) from Costco. If they truly cared, they would replace it for free.

What a joke.


Today I received the RMA instructions. They expect us to back-up our drives, return them first having to pay for the shipping fees and once they receive it, they will send the discount code. After this bullsh*t I think it’s time to say goodbye to WD for good.


Very poor indeed. I assumed they would send us the drives first, so we can copy data onto them and then send old drives back.

This is total nonsense, specially considering this is kind of unit you specifically buy to keep your information safe. So where are we supposed to make a backup on the mean time? They are so full of BS with this “solution”… personally there is no way I’m taking it…

when you say “drives” do you mean the new unit you purchase with the discount ?.
From what I understood the only drive you (may/may not) get back is the passport drive IF they manage to save your data, so obviously they need your drives first.

IMO I thought a firmware so we could use the nas on our network without Internet and maybe a code for some data recovery software, so we could try ourselves would of been a better option. How silly was I, their way means they can sell more units and make a profit out of all our heartache…lovely company.

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Wow, what a farce by WD. After decades of loyalty, it looks like I am going to switch back to Seagate. The iron wolf series looks enticing.

Exactly my thoughts!

WD is nothing but an enterprise company pretending to be a consumer company. “Backup your data” - yup, I just happen to have 6TB of hard drives lying around for me to back up to. What the eff.

I had opened this discussion as I was thinking on using the Trade-in program to update my unit. However, I have a feeling that WD has not learned on this even…

Thus, after more than 15 years working with WD products and having five WD NAS on different countries, I decided to switch to Synology. I have chosen the DS218play version.

I had the chance to escape from this attack on all my units. But don’t forget these three rules to avoid further issues on your data:
Rule 1) Make at least three copies of your data
Rule 2) Use at least two different medias for the copied data (for example, two different hard disk, don’t copy three time the data on the same hard disk)
Rule 3) At least one of the copy must be located in a different building

These tree rules should allow you to escape to many issues including fire and theft.
A 2-bay NAS does not guarantee these three points. But you can use an external hard disk to copy every month the modified data (using rsync for example) and store it on a different building. Or like me, using rsync to synchronize the backup data between different NAS.

Good luck!!