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Am am NOT employed by Western Digital.

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Dear Western Digital:

I was surprised to receive yesterday 06-27-2021 an email from your company with security advices for my WD My Book Live, but the advice was given too late. What devastated me the most, was the fact that last Wednesday 23rd, my system was restored to its factory default and all my data was erased .

Despite the fact that I have had already read all the information from the Product Security Portal, I am still doubtful about other concerns:
1. Is it possible that a Trojan could has been installed on my private network or on any other connected device?
2.Could I ever recover my data ?
3. Would it be possible to use once again my device My Book Live with full security?

Finally, I would like to manifest my disappointment and emphasize that I still don’t understand why Western Digital abandoned their clients who trusted and bet for their first devices with private online storage.
As part of the first users community, I have witnessed the progressive abandonment without recent security updates, the restriction to one of the basics functions: the remote app-access from smartphones, and what is even worse, the vulnerability in front of outer attacks.

I personally think that such an enterprise like WD company should treat their clients otherwise, offering solutions instead of given facts, and understand that our documents, pictures, videos are the most valuable goods we owned, and lost while trusting your devices. I think that WD Company should take responsibility on such a situation and offer quick and effective solutions so we could trust once again their products as we did before.


So these devices just became paperweights? We can not reuse them ever?

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I have a “MY BOOK LIVE”.

My “MY BOOK LIVE” has been corrupted.
A virus has entered my “MY BOOK LIVE”, they don’t want to help me recover my lost data.
the virus has deleted the insides of many important folders.
My 3 year job.

Instead others who have had the same problem as me are helping to recover.

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Is anyone at WD going to respond to these questions??!!
I lost thousands of family pictures and videos.
This sounds like a potential class action law suit!

we can all take legal action together.

I have lost my job done in 3 years.
I don’t want to help me recover my data because I didn’t have a factory reset.
It seems they are only helping people who have had the factory reset.

Instead people like me who have had a partial hard drive wipe are not entitled to any help.

Impossible … What can we do?

I have a My Book Live 3TB Version that is eligible for the trade-in option, the 40% discount. However, this requires me to send by drive back to Western Digital before I get the 40%. My drive still works, I can access my data files, though now it is disconnected from the internet and largely useless because of this. I do not have capacity to make a copy of files before sending the drive back, nor do I want to send my drive back since it has my personal files on it.

It seem unreasonable to require us to send the drive back before giving us the 40% discount to buy a new WD Product to replace the one that has the security vulnerability. This is certainly not what I expected.

Western Digital - Please can you respond to this? I would like the option to purchase a new drive using the 40% discount, copy my files over to the new drive, and then return the old vulnerable drive back to you, or preferred for security of my own data not to return the drive to you.


I look forward to your response.

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It doesn’t sit right with me that they won’t replace the drive and no cost to the customer. I won’t accept the 40% deal for data recovery and I don’t think anyone should.

The way I see it, if Microsoft can release an out-of-band update to fix a major security vulnerability for even end-of-line software/hardware then Western Digital, or in fact ANY other company, could and should do the same.

I’m just applying common sense to this issue.

The way I am looking at this now:

  1. I am unlikely to invest again in a Western Digital My Cloud device due to the handling of the security vulnerabilities in their own software. The 40% discount is not compelling.
  2. I am not prepared to return the old device to WD given that it is used to store personal information. I am taking the stance that my personal data should be available to WD.
  3. I think WD should provide replacement My Cloud Devices with equal or greater capacity to customers for free. The customer should have the option to retain the old device if they choose to do so.
  4. Where a device is retained by the customer, WD should provide a mechanism to disable connecting of the drive to their cloud, but still accessible as a local NAS device.
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