Anyone having luck with trade in offer?

I contacted WD support more than a week ago to trade in my My Book Live following the trade in offer. Model and serial number provided. Got an automated reply with ticket number, but nothing since. Escalated the matter without luck so far. The trade in offer beginning to look a big fishy, especially if one has to return your device first at own cost, and then wait for the new device to arrive, whenever. My data wasn’t erased, but where do I store 3tb of data if I have to return the device before being able to transfer the data to the new device?

I got my offer earlier today, I submitted it a day or two after the initial email came out if that helps.

If WD had a shred of decency, they’d structure this as a rebate, so we could buy a new NAS, move our data, and then return the drive for the rebate. Or, given the hassle we’ve already gone through even if we didn’t lose any data, they’d just issue a discount coupon based on serial number, and save us, and them, the hassle of handling the old drives.


I completely agree. I was hoping they would be doing something like you described so was pretty disappointed to see the method they’d chosen. Add on the fact we have to pay shipping as well and it just feels like a slap in the face. I think I’m not going to bother with the return and will just buy a different brand instead.

I think it’s disgusting that WD admit that there’s an issue with their product ( My book live). Causing untold pain and anxiety to customers and all they offer is 40% discount against another unit which may or may not become vulnerable in the future and then expect you to pay to return it (why do we have too return it when it’s NBG to anyone???) they should replace with an equivalent drive FOC.

More than a week since i received the RMA email and I asked them if it could be possible to send the unit back AFTER having the new one without any reply.

In the offer they said they will send the discount code with the case number … and it should be that way … it’s no sense to send your unit with your data back without the hability to back up your data to the new one …

Maybe it’s time to move to another brand.

What is the discount coupon? Is it an Amazon gift voucher of some sort?

Any luck yet with the return? I’m being told to return the product after providing details.

However I’m not sure how the discount coupon will work. Will I get an Amazon voucher or cash?

Not heard a word from WD up to today, despite having escalated the matter. Decided in any event not to take up the offer but to rather buy another brand - lost complete faith in WD.


Not sure, because they send it AFTER they receive your unit, but i think it’s a wd’s store discount coupon (if wd store is available in your country).

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I’m from India and WD online store only has links to “resellers” like Amazon.

So, I’m not sure how the return would work in my case. I’ve already sent them an email asking for details. Let’s see what happens.

That’s a very smart idea. I have existing WD NAS drives and I have blocked access to the internet for those drives from router itself. This is a poor way of using a NAS but this is how WD has left its users.

Mmm it seems that they’ve changed the procedures from the original announcement, now it says what the support sent us on their emails, you have to send your unit (you pay) with all parts intact (if you have changed your drive you are not elegible), and if everything is ok they send you a code you have to use before 30 days …

I’m sure the original announcement was different …

Don’t mind this is a no go for me …

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This is very troubling. It seems they’re not in the least worried or even apologetic about this mess.

Kind of makes me embarrassed that I have paid for multiple WD devices since owning My Book Live.

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I sent my drive back yesterday via UPS and just looked for what drive I could get using the discount coupon. Looks like the only one that is in stock is the one without any drives. Has anyone else been able to use the coupon to order one of the drives the coupon is good for other than the one without any drives ?

This updated trade in offer is no use. The original offer to send in the drive after you received the new one was fast more sensible. Disgusted that the procedure is now unworkable as I have no ability to copy the files off the mass before sending it back. Very cheap tactics WD…

Is there anyone in the UK who have successfully received a new trade-in from WD in the Netherlands? I received my coupon and ordered a MBL replacement from the WD online store. Order was processed quickly and dispatched for delivery by UPS. Three days later I checked the tracking status, it was held in customs in the Netherlands as the correct documentation had not been supplied by WD. Four days later the order was returned to WD for failure to supply the correct customs paperwork!

Not happy! I contacted WD and they issued a refund. So, I have lost my MBL, used my coupon and not received my replacement due to WD administrative incompetence!

For those that were not hacked, WD could have just updated the firmware to get rid of the security breech. I would have settled for that.

I contacted WD again to express my disappointment with them and ask for the issue to be escalated to their complaints department. Got back parrot fashion message just saying the same as before, send it back (at my cost!,)
Reading all the above I have decided to move on and avoid WD as much as I can in the future.
I also believe that WD knew of this issue way back in 2017 but decided to ignore it. Very customer friendly
That’s all folks!

WD, if you’re listening, just want you to know that I’m done with your products. Three attempts to get more info beyond the ‘canned’ response with a case number have yielded no further info. No address to send the old drive, no info on replacement availability; nothing.

Given the requirement that we return our drives for any relief at all, and given the fact that you didn’t even include a shipping address where we can return the drives, and given the fact that the ‘trade in’ you’re offering nets me nothing, compared to buying a competitor’s NAS and keeping my existing drive core, it’s clear that you have no intention of supporting your customers.

So I’ll move on to another brand, and reformat the core drive to use in another computer or NAS. Oh, and I’ll be sure to offer my advice in the future to anyone who asks, on what brands to avoid.

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