Anyone having luck with trade in offer?

Exactly my view too. My three attempts to make contact with WD customer support came to nothing. I came to conclude that the whole ‘offer’ thing is simply a ploy fabricated by WD to save face in certain quarters. It’s got nothing to do with sincere customer assistance. What are they going to do with all the MBL drives returned to them?

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Very very slow. Two weeks just to reply to the incident. Didn’t really answer my questions just gave me an RMA. They have my drive but still waiting for the discount code. The incident for my second drive I’ve escalated twice and no response.

(1) Not a great response to this incident given that you have to send in your drive first.
(2) At best given the 40% discount code they are offering, they are essentially just crediting you the value of the drive you send in. Essentially the bare minimum to avoid another class-action lawsuit.

For me, I’m really on the fence about continuing to be a WD customer. At the rate they are processing my RMA the discount code will be expired before it’s even issued.
" * The trade-in discount must be used within 30-days of receiving the case number from Western Digital Support." A real ■■■■ move right there. Not 30 days from the discount code being issued. 30 days from the initiation of a case!

troubledchild this is what I need to do keep my WD mybook live on my home network but refuse it access to the internet. Its normally connected to the router but I’ve disconnected it to keep it safe.
Can you tell me how to block access to the internet from router itself please. I’ve mailed WD themselves but they have not replied.

Hope you can help me

I sent my mybook to wd… I used their UPS discount label tool, which worked really well. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it shipped for roughly half price.

It arrived at UPS on thursday morning. I expected to get the discount code the same day, how long does it take to unbox it, scan the label and hit enter? When I didn’t received the discount code 2 days after my device arrived at WD, I started a chat with support to ask how long it would take. They just replied I needed to wait and they terminated the chat. Rude.

How long did it take you to get the code from the time WD received it?

My WD is no longer connected to internet. Not sure how to block access from router, so I followed this: WD My Book Live Security Fix - YouTube

Worked for me.

My experience with the trade-in program. My drive was not bricked as it wasn’t connected to the internet. It worked fine. I backed it up and wiped it using firmware. It was working fine before I sent it. It was packed in an Elements Box which then was packed in popcorn and another box. I purchased a WD label and sent it on July 17th. It arrived on July 23rd according to UPS. I just got an email today (July 29th). That said the following:

After inspection, it has been determined that this product does not meet warranty eligibility requirements under the WD warranty policy and is being returned to you.

The reason for refusal is Drive Damaged.

Now the drive I sent was working and it was well packaged. Even so, the trade-in did not specify a working drive… and do they expect all the bricked drives to be fully working when they are traded-in?
And no, I did not get a 40% off coupon for the MY Cloud drives.

I raised this with customer service via chat and they said they would get back to me.


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Mine was received in July 23 and I just got a message today (July 29th) that the “Warranty” would not be honored as the drive was damaged. The drive was working fine when I sent it and was well packed. No 40% code. See my message before this reply for details.

What kind of bs are they trying to pull? Most, if not all of the MBL drives warranties, should be expired. Regardless, this was supposed to be a trade-in offer, not a warranty case. They’ve had my drive for over a week and still no reply.

Has anyone received the 40 percent off coupon? WD received my unit on July 21 and completed the RMA process on July 26. I haven’t heard anything from them. I even sent an email asking about it to the person that has been sending me the instructions on this whole jacked up process and not a word back from them either on when I’ll see my coupon.

Just received my coupon code, new drive has been ordered. Keep using the live chat to get things done.

Finally got my code but surprise surprise only the small drives are in stock which is of no use to me. Wait some more and hope something comes back in stock? I should have just kept the drives and tossed the enclosures.

Got my code today. Saved me $76 on a 4TB My Cloud but I’m not happy about still having to shell out $122. They could have done better with this mess.

Ya, I tried talking them into giving me the option to buy a My Cloud EX2 12TB with a $180 discount as I would get with purchasing an 8TB but no luck. Not happy I have to settle for a My Cloud Home 6TB. My only hope is they aren’t as bad as the reviews. If they are I guess I’ll have to toss the case and get an empty EX2 Ultra. No stock so you’re SOL! This was not handled well at all IMO.

I’ve been eyeing the Synology Ds1621+ for years but the price tag is a bit hard to swallow. However; all things considered, particularly after this mess I’d probably be better off.

Please take the advice above…these MCH units are the worse things I have used. Bought the 6tb just before xmas and wish I had sent it back. I will be getting the synology myself to install my duo drives once I have tried to retrieve any data.

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I completely agree and I’ve been making the same argument with them. Hopefully people will not accept this unfair deal.

Just received my discount code but everything showing out of stock at the WD store link that is in the email except for the one with zero drives. Has anyone been able to use the discount code at Amazon or one of the other resellers that have the other drives in stock? I did the “notify me when in stock” but the WD store has been showing out of stock for the drives for the past 2 weeks.

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Unfortunately; despite the fact that the Trade-In Offer states " * Once the eligible product has been confirmed as returned to Western Digital the customer will receive a single-use discount code to purchase one of the stated products through the online Western Digital Store or Western Digital selected authorized re-seller, subject to expiration date and offer restrictions." I was informed by Tech Support you can only use the discount code in the Western Digital store. Yet another example of how poorly this is being dealt with.

It is a coupon code that will not work on Amazon. If it works it only works at the WD store.

I got an email with a Trade-in offer on July 06. I went thru the details and I had to register on the Support portal and register my device again. I had to create a Support incident in order to know what to do about the Trade-in offer. They emailed me an RMA and I had to ship my device back with FedEx, which cost me $120 since I am outside of the US.

I got a reply from WD Support a few days ago with the following message “After inspection, it has been determined that this product does not meet warranty eligibility requirements under the WD warranty policy and is being returned to you”.

This got me mad cause I did not send me device for repair! If I want my device back I have to pay for shipping again. This trade-in offer is very misleading to me.

The support tickets I created asking about the Trade-in offer are not in My Support portal anymore. Seems that they are deleted.

Now I will have to call Customer service to see what the status is.