WD PLEASE Give Us An Update

WD Customer Service @WD_Admin ,

You can see on the forums that you have many upset customers. Can you please give us an update on how long it should take? I am trying to make a judgment call… Should I pay someone to decrypt my files?

Can you please provide an estimate… is it months, weeks, days? You are not giving us any information so we can make an informed decision about how to proceed with getting access to our files.

Thank you!


I subscribe.

And I praise your moderation writing the message, considering the total lack of respect on behalf of WD while handling this matter. Thank you, BayHey.


I subscribe.

I need files for work and would really like the way things are going. This looks very simple to not respond to anything

taken from their site…

At Western Digital, we care! We prioritize giving back and responding to the needs of our communities, and we believe that more can be achieved when we do it together!

There’s maybe a way to put higher pressure on the WD’s exec by commenting their latest posts on LinkedIn with their latest status on the service outate dated April 3rd. This will increase the visibility of their poor support and total lack of respect of their customers n social networks

Needless to put nasty comments but just re-use their poor communication on all their ads. I am wondering whether this company has a CEO and a Customer Service Officer… I’ve never seen in my 43-year career in IT such unprofessional problem and crisis management.

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WD is only after your money! There are much better NAS solutions. If you enabled the cloud feature the data is WDs.

You can leave a Google review for their headquarters (Western Digital Technologies San Jose, CA) below and give them feedback about the customer support they are providing


A lot of negative reviews generated on trust pilot


I reckon customer support system must of been hacked too🤣


I only set up my Drive on Saturday 1st April. So, I had one day to look at it and use it. And nothing since. I think I’ve done a full reset on it. I say ‘think’ because since mid-day today, the light is still blinking away, and it should be steady when finished. In any case, I’m going to return the drive. Going to buy one that has USB access as well.

We are currently experiencing a service interruption that is preventing customers from accessing the My Cloud, My Cloud Home, My Cloud Home Duo, My Cloud OS5, SanDisk ibi, SanDisk ixpand Wireless Charger service. Our team is working urgently to resolve the issue and restore access as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience. Service Status and updated notifications can be monitored at http://status.mycloud.com/os4


Going around posting the same copy and paste in every thread is not an “update”


Not sure about CEO he apparently deleted his Twitter account

This is not good that a company has proprietary access to our information. We are essentially hostages. Let me start searching for a Seagate or other drive. I cannot not have access to the very information I placed on a drive! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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Frankly, what I’m most staggered about is the ineptitude of the WD Board. They are toast in this industry. Criticise ideas, not people, they say. But there is a limit. The saying goes “Cometh the hour, cometh the man …”
Trouble is, Cometh The Hour, the WD Board proved to be a “no-show”!
With Authority comes Responsibility and Accountability. The latter two qualities are lacking here I think …

I am finally home and have checked my main PC - Luckily I have the main information recently backed up…there are some minor things like a 1,000 word essay but other than that I think all is well.

I will NEVER use western digital products ever again, be it a USB stick, portable HDD etc. In fact, I will actively discourage others from using your products and refer them back to times like this and previous incidents where data was lost altogether. Your blatant disregard for individuals, companies etc who put their trust in your product tells me and others on here you really do not give a s**t about us. Yes, hacks are all too common and we know the risks, people do not need to be mollycoddled with this, they want the hard truth. Personally, I think there has been a catastrophic failure (I hope I am wrong) of your systems and you are trying to protect your own interests knowing individuals out there are going to suffer. They say no news is good news but in this instance no news is bad. In the long run WD will suffer and when everyone else has recovered you will be the ones left with nothing. No customers, a bad reputation, no money, no more crappy products.

I have been on here for a short time - but I really hope everyone gets their data back. Yes, backup copies are needed but this is sometimes unavoidable. I only managed to keep my data because I knew in June the product is done and downloaded everything to local HDD.


@cindy.zhang @WD_Admin

Thanks for trying to give us an update and responding. You are the first one to respond in days and am grateful for the communication. However, that is the same information we received on Monday. We need a proper update about the current status of the progress that has been made and a rough timeline on when we should expect access. We understand @WD_Admin cant give us an exact time and date, but a rough estimate on whether this could take months or days would be great so those of us who need access ASAP can make an informed decision on whether or not to spend money on paying someone to decrypt our files

Thank you

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Agree just update us how long we need to wait.
If I don’t want to wait I’ll pay some one to bring back my file

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Come on @WD_Admin you should give us a daily update at least and a lay-out of a sort of timeline. This ■■■■■ in every way of Customer Service.

In my days I would have been fired for this kind of behaviour, as international crisismanager working for one of the greatest computer manufacturar in the World.