My Book Live connection Failure on a Macbook


hopefully someone on here can help with this as I’ve been going nuts trying to reolve it myself.

I have a 1tb My Book Live hard drive with is connected to my Macbook via the provided ethernet cable. I’ve had it for about 6 months and everything was fine until a few weeks back when it stopped connecting. When I go into Finder on the mac the My Book shows in there but when I try to connect it tells me Connection Failed. 

All the lights on the front are green as they should be but it will not connect. 

Has anyone any idea what I can do as theres about 20000 songs on there that I’d really like to get to.

Many Thanks


Hello, you can try pressing the reset button on the back of the My Book for 4 seconds. If the problem continues you can try connecting the My Book Ethernet cable directly to the Mac to verify if the problem continues. 

You cannot connect MBL directly to a laptop. It might work, for a while, but you will have unexpected results all the time.

Read the manual as it specifies you need to connect it to a router.

I’ve pressed the reset button on the back umpteen times and its done nothing.

Its been connected to the laptop directly since it w

as bought without any problem.

 It has never been connected to the router. Having connected it to the router, it still doesn’t work. To be honest, having it connected to my router isn’t practical if i want to take my music library anywhere.

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