Cant connect My book live

Hello, i have been using MBL 2Tb for 1 month now, but today i cant connect to it, i disconnect it and connect it again, i pushed the reset button for 4 seconds and nothing happened, the light is green and when i reconnect it turns blue for some time and then turns green. 

I am using a macbook, i connect the MBL direct to my laptop via ethernet with a crossover cable and nothing, i used to have a static ip in the MBL but cant reach it, of course webpage doesnt open, so i dont know what to do, is there a way to fully reset it ??? 


Plug the drive directly to the computer just for testing purposes and then try to connect again. See if this will help.

That’s not gonna do him any good as he bricked his drive installing Transmission through apt-get :slight_smile:

Check his post history