My Book Live 3tb & xbox 360

Hi all,

Okay first off I brought my product yesterday and already completely frustrated with it.

In my network I have:

1 - laptops

2 - xbox 360’s

1 - netgear wnr2200 router

1 - wd My Book Live 3tb

Now everything is connected and all devices can see the drive (xbox - comes up as twonky media)

Now the frustrating thing for me is that every time which I watch a movie, in the main directory it adds another “by folder”, which is completely ridiculous. Twonky media on in it is version 5.1.9. 

I did find a way to get rid of them - Link -

However this in my case is rather difficult as I brought this to upload all our movies from the laptop for my wife to watch on our xbox’s as I do travel with work quite a lot. Moral of the story - she does not have access to a computer regularly  to remove all these **bleep** folders. 

Is there a permanent fix for this?

Hope some of you wizz guys can help, please also bear in mind im not a computer genius so step by step would be aweseme.

Cheers Ryan

Hello, difficult to know, maybe using SSH access? Some of the guys here should now if something can be done form there.