WD MyBook Live streaming to Xbox 360

I just bought the 2tb drive yesterday.  I hooked it up and the streaming seems to work fine.  I do notice though that when selecting the TwonkyMedia server through the xbox video panel you are brought to a screen of what seems to be a bunch of virtual directories.  I then just go to “By Folder” to view my media on the drive in its current folder structure.  

If i start and stop a video, go back to the dashboard and come back in to the videos there are 2 “By Folder” folders.  If I do it again and again it will increase each time giving me multiple “By Folder” folders.  It still works fine but over time I’ve gone  from 6 folders to about 50. 

Call this OCD but it is driving me nuts!!!

Has anyone had this?  Please help

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We will investigate this issue further to understand why this happens.  We were able to duplicate what you are seeing on the Xbox 360.  Currently, the only way we were able to remove the extra “By Folder” is by rebooting the MyBookLive.  Once you do that, it returns to a single “By Folder”

Thank you for bring this up to our attention.

I did notice that when you restart it, the extra folder disappears but as soon as you start using it again you get another duplicate folder.  With every video that you start and to back to the virtual folder list page you will get another By Folder virtual directory. 

It’s pretty irritating…