My Book Live 3TB Viewing FIles


I took delivery of a My Book Live 3TB last Friday February 1st. I purchased it from the WD store directly with a WD Live TV. I downloaded the set up software and it is up and running. I can see it fine on the network and created an account. I have some general questions in terms of day to day operations:

Q1: I have created shares and uploaded a handful of files using twonky media. When i am logged in and click ‘View my files’ at the bottom it just opens My Documents which is a bit confusing. It also does this if i go into shares and click the same to open the files. How do i view the files on the drive so that I can create folders, move and arrange files?

Q2: Using twonky media server I only seem to be able to uploadf to the default public share. |I have created three new shares, for pictures, music and video. I have selected the respective media type only for each but they all seem to be going onto the public. How do i stop this?

Q3: The twonky media only seems to allow me to upload one file at a time. I have 3TB of data to upload in thousands of files. Is there a way to do this by folder or select multiple files? Holding down control and selecting or shift and selecting does not work,

This seems like a great product and I am very keen to get it up and running properly,

Can anyone help?

It’s best if you call WD 1 (800) 275-4932 for this type of questions.