PS3 Does Not See Folders on My Book Live 3TB

Hey guys,

I am new to the world of the My Book Live but I am loving the product. So I bought the 3TB version and moved a lot of my TV shows over to the drive using Windows 7. I created a new share folder called TV and mapped it to my PC and just coppied the folders to the drive. I keep all my tv shows in folders based on the season and the show.

When I view the My Book Live on my WDTV Live Streaming Media Player I can see all the folders and open and play them accordingly.

However, if I open the drive on the PS3 or on my Viera TV all the video files are just listed like they have been dumped there. There is no order whatsoever.

I would like at the very least one of the PS3 or the TV to be able to recognise the folder structures that were used like the WDTV media player does.

At the moment the only folders I can see are “Recently Added” etc. I have been reading that you need to tell Twonky to show folder view but I have no way of doing that. I just moved the files with windows explorer. Should I be using Twonky manager?

Sorry I am pretty new to this.

Anyone encountered a similar issue and if there is a work around please let me know.


Try to rebuild the library on Twonky or reset

Ok so I have resolved this.

After spending in excess of 10 hours on the internet and trawling forums I contacted WD with my issue and based on keywords in my message was shown the FAQ page for accessing Twonky Media Server on the My Book Live.

Was able to change the view to Folders and now all is sweet.

I am glad it is resolved but disappointed at how hard it was to find a solution.

Anyway, this thread can be closed now.