Playstation3 issue: "No titles" under video

I just bought a WD My Book Live 3TB. I have copied my videos to the “Shared Video” folder on the “Public” Share. All files are in MP4 format.

However, I cannot see the files under “Video” on my PlayStation 3. I get a “No titles” message.

Using my “My Book Live” interface, I can see that Twonkey has identified the files and PS3 is also listed as a media player. Furthermore the “Public” folder is set to show “All”.

Everything seems to be OK, but i just dont get the list off MP4 files on my Playstation 3.

Has anyone experienced the same problem and found a fix?

I found a solution today. Even though the public folder was set to show “All” media types, it tried to switch to “Video” and back to “All”. And suddenly everything popped up on my PS3 as it was supposed to. Great!!