My Book Live and Xbox 360 multiple folder issue


I was looking through and found the following:

I still have this issue happening to me. Is this ever going to be fixed? Or is it an Xbox 360 side issue?

That was a very long time ago and one else reported that, so it was neither an issue with the MBL or the 360 but a random event. I don’t think you’ll get that problem, and if you do you can just use any other media server other than Twonky.


If you read the post, it was acknowledged and verified by the staff so its not random. They also indicated they would be looking into fixing it, but the post was closed and no further reply was seen. The reason why I bring this up is because I am experiencing it, otherwise why would I be digging for some random old post if I wasnt going through the same problem? And the MBL comes with built in twonky, that is how it was advertised and changing the media server would void the warranty.

Does anyone with twonky 6.0 have experience with xbox 360? is this issue resolved?

Thanks for trying to help though.

It was noted by that WD guy, but never again ever mentioned, that’s what I mean. They may have investigated but if WD found out it was an isolated problem they can’t replicate and only 2 people reporting it then they may have done nothing about it.

I have the same problem.  I’ve just dealt with it for the past 6 months and just now looking up a solution.  

I highly doubt its a random occurance and just shows most people are dealing with it and not spending time signing up to post on this forum.

What is the point of posting a completely useless reply telling us we must be a random few and that we should just forget about it.  Don’t bother posting if you have nothing worth saying.

I’d like an answer from WM since they did acknolwedge the problem exists.  Will it be fixed ever??

What I’ve been advised by W.D. that Twonky will not be updated past the version it’s at because of a combination of licencing and stability issues.  The plan is to replace the Twonky media server with something else.  I don’t know what this “something else” is.

I have a feeling that the next firmware release is going to take a while to be released as W.D. won’t want to rush something out that can brick anything in the MyBook Love or cause anything to malfunction seeing a user recovery using the reset button is non-existant and someone will get their backsides beaten if another firmware goes out that lights up W.D. call center and have many MBL’s arrive and many MBL’s dispatched.