Duplicate folders when using with Xbox 360

I just recently purchased a 3TB MBL and have been streaming to my Xbox 360, but have ran into a strange problem. Normally there’s only one “By Folder” folder, but everytime I access the drive, it creates another duplicate “By Folder” folder. Currently, I show 3 of them on my 360. Is anybody else having this problem and is there a solution?

Be sure to have the latest My Book Live firmware update installed. You also have the option to rescan the media library from the My Book dashboard. Check page 113 of the manual for more info. 



Does anybody know if switching from Twonky to DLNA media server will fix the issue? Let me know. Thanks in advance.

Oh, by the way, I tested it out and switching from Twwonky to the DLNA media server does solve the multiple folders issue. Thanks for all the help!