Xbox 360 can't see some videos

I am having a really weird problem between my Xbox 360 and MBL. I have a 3TB MBL and have been using it to stream videos to my 360 for quite a while with no problems. I usually convert them to a compatible xvid/avi file as I recently did with a couple of seasons of an animated tv show. The problem is the 360 cannot see them when in Folder view. It can see the folder they’re in, so I know the videos are in the folder, because if they weren’t, the 360 just wouldn’t show the folder. However, when I go into the folder, they don’t show up. I can also view and play the files on my computer and WDTV with no problem. Also, I know that I have them converted to a compatible format, because when I switch the view to show videos by Date, they show up there and play successfully. I just updated to the newest firmware and had the same problem before and after, so I know that’s not the problem. Also, I’m using the DLNA server, not Twonky. Don’t know if that matters, but I hope I can stick with DLNA as I had other issues with Twonky.  I’m kind of wondering if there is some kind of file limit as I just passed the 400 mark and am currently at 423 with these new shows. Has anybody ever had this problem and know how to fix it? Let me know.


Take a look a this link. Hope it helps

Using a Sony Playstation 3 or Microsoft Xbox360 with the My Book Live, WD Sharespace, or My Book World 

I figured it out. Apparently, the Xbox 360 has a limit on how many levels of folders you can go down in a directory. I think that it’s about 6 levels max.