My Book Live 3 TB Recovery

I have recently bought WD MY BOOK LIVE 3TB personal storage.
Unfortunately, it is failed not working anymore.
Therefore, have removed 3TB HDD to recover my data.
This HDD was in My Book Live I tried to recover my data with one of of the non WD enclosure which did not work and below error comes up:

‘’ The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.’’
it is give me 3 option which is INITILAIZE - IGNORE - EJECT

When I click INITIALIZE below message appear :

‘’ This disk doesn’t contain an EFI system partition. If you want to start up your computer with this disk or include it in a RAID set, back up your data and partition this disk. ‘’

I have couple discussion from apple community that one of the member said WD put chip their enclosure so I have to get WD enclosure to be able to read data.
The other one suggested the enclosure might not support EXT 3 files.
So which issue is right?
Can I replace this HDD with Mac HDD to be able to read data?

Please help me as soon as possible I do not want to take my HDD to recover company Because they charging a lot.

I have tried almost everything there is last option left to try and I am going to do today.
I will take out my Mac HDD out and replace with My Book Live HDD. I hope I can recover this time.

Thank you
iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), iOS 6, None

Most NAS devices, not just WD’s, have their own OS. It tends to be a light version of a a Linux flavor, in this case, MBL has Debian Lenny. 

NAS are not USB devices, so you cannot just plug them in and read the data. If you format or do anything to it, very good chance you will lose the data.

You need to add some 3rd party software in order to see the data, or another enclosure with the same hardware. 

Check this guide, specially step #2.

For a Mac, you will need an equivalent software. At some point a while back I used Macfuse, not sure if that still current, but you get the idea.

Thanks 4 your reply.
Do you think Paragon extfs for Mac can recover my data externally.
I have Universal USB Adaptor


Any software that supports Linux partitions will do.

Not sure about that one since I have never used it, but I personally do not see a reason to pay $40 when there are plenty of free options out there.