Retrieving data from My Book Live with Diskinternals Linux Reader


After MBL failed toconnect I took out the drive and connected it to my computer.  I am using Diskinternals from

I am able to see the drives but I can’t see the folders and data.  When I click on a drive nothing happens.  Is there someone here who has worked with this program and can help me?

I greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello BruceT, welcome to the WD Community, is unfortunate that you are unable to access the information on you drive, as the drive is being recognized on the computer, I would recommend you to search for a Data Recovery software.

Thank you for responding to my post .  I read somewhere in this forum that people have used the software I mentioned.  I thought they may read this post and be able to help me.  Other than I would appreciate recommendation for a recovery data software that can be used for MBL hard drive,  Since the hard disk has something to do with Linux.

I’ve never used DiskInternals, so i can’t advise there. Maybe a search of the web.

I’ve used a Linux PC to look at the MBL drive in the past.  Very simple. Boot up your PC into Linux using a CD or USB bootable Linux distribution.  You can make either, just search the web a bit to figure out how.  Then in Linux, you mount the external MBL (which is connected via USB to the PC).  Then you can use use the disk utilities to view the 4 partititions.  Your data will be in the 4th parttition (also the largest). 

There are many many threads about this on this forum and the wikidot forum about the MBL and the other WD NAS products.   Search is your friend.

Thank you wdlive 76.  Is this safe?  Would not affect my windows based computer?

Thanks again.

BruceT wrote:

Thank you wdlive 76.  Is this safe?  Would not affect my windows based computer?

Thanks again.

Except for your PC exploding into flames, everything is safe.

 About diskinternals, did you install the correct version/application? 

i think you need

Linux Recovery

Okay I got the recovery version. Now I see “Hard drives”, “Physical drives”, and “Unalocated space”.  Except “Unalocated space”, each category diveded by 3-4 parts as well.  I have scanned already a hard drive, which took over 24 hours and produced files that I could not open.  Where am I suppose to scan?