Recover data from MyBookLive 2.0TB using external mount

MyBook stopped working, after research, because I didn’t eject the drive before de-powering it.

I have been floating around for a long while. and finally have a solid sata-> usb mount to connect the drive(removed from the case) to my PC (windows 10)
The drive was originally used with Windows XP. (with forums mentioning Linux software to fix, but they seem to have their drive setup in Linux and don’t if MyBook is setup like that [as I didn’t do any special formatting])

The drive is recognized when connected, but windows asks for it to be formatted, and am unsure about how I can access the data. ( it is encrypted of some sort)
The “Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool” with a quick check of it comes back fine.

I got the usb dock and GetDataBack as the author of this site mentioned:

I’d want to back it up, but I only have a 1.0TB external, and some miscellaneous 100GB locations.
Is there a way I could view the content, or backup parts of it at a time?
I’m just unusure the best to do it, to recover parts of the drive externally, or just go ahead and reset the enclosure.


Sorry to hear that.

As a recommendation, try connecting the drive internally on a PC since you already took the drive out of the enclosure. Also see if you can get a data recovery software to get the files out of the drive.

Whatever you do, do not format it! If you want the data that is…
NAS 101: All NAS devices have their own OS, which for the most part, tends to be a light flavor of Linux, in this case, MBL has Debian Lenny. So if you want to see the Linux partitions on Win or OSx, well, you will need an app that can see/access Linux partitions.

Assuming all hardware is fine, there should be no reason why you could not recover your files and reinstall the OS and have MBL working fine again.
Follow this (see step #2 specially):

Apologies! Scratch all I said!!!

You are on the wrong forum. This is the Forum for “My Book Live”, while you seem to have just the “My Book”.

Or at least the link you provided, it refers to the USB External drive.

No, It’s the mybook live. it connected by ethernet cable. I removed it frin the case and put it on a sata hardrive mount, connected to my laptop by usb.

Then my first comment and link apply to it.

The link you provided as well as getdataback are useless on this scenario.

Well that’s where I’m getting stuck. Right now I’m scanning it with R-Linux right now, the drive sectors should be fine on its own.

I’ve been having nuisance getting the system rescue cd set to a bootable usb, I’ll have to test after the R-Linux completes.

I still have the conflict of not having a complete source (1.83 TB) to copy it to.
Ideally I’d see whats there and backup portions…
or backup pieces at a time, check the pieces, and do it piece by piece…
or just let the hd work straight from the sata-usb mount without formatting…


you should be able to see the partitions and files without formatting.

If R-linux does not work, try another software, there are plenty out there. If more than one have issues with the hard drive, it might be an actual hardware failure.