My book live HDD partition

I have  WD My Book Live 3TB. Unfortunately, it is recently failed. Therefore  I have disassembled My Book Live and bought 3.5 HDD docking station to be able to recover my data.

Unfortunately below message come up :

‘’ The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.’’

it is give me  3 option which is    INITIALIZE    -    IGNORE    -    EJECT

When I click INITIALIZE below message appear :

‘’ This disk doesn’t contain an EFI system partition. If you want to start up your computer with this disk or include it in a RAID set, back up your data and partition this disk. ‘’

My question is what should I do to be able to recover my data ?

I do not want do something wrong and erase my data which is very important info I have.

Please immediate help

Hello, sorry to hear that you cannot access your files, the internal format for the My Book Live hard drive is EXT3, you can connect the hard drive to a Linux computer or use a program to recognize the file system if you are using a Windows PC.