My book live Broke

Hello all…
The mybook live i have is broke and cant be fixed.
I manged to take the disk out and connected to my pc(W10).
The drive is spinning, live is blinkin but nor reconiced.
The pc sees the usb station but it has no drive letter so i cant reach te data on it.
Questions :
How can i fix this?
I have read on the internet that on WD harddisks form a my book the data is scarmbeled…is this true?
It would be great to get some help because there is very important data on it…
Sorry for my poor english :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help !!!



Windows does not support reading EXT3 volumes and hard drives over SATA or USB. You will need to install a program that reads said file system, or use a Linux computer for direct access.

Dear Tracer,
Tnx for the help. I installed Linux on a pc and connected the harddisk true USB. The system reconise the disk but I cant wee the files. It says : Cant coupling disk…
Please advice…tnx !