My Book Live 2 TB drive connecting to Chromebook Files app

I am trying to set up my cloud storage drive (My Book Live) with my new chromebook. On previous advice I followed these steps:

  1. Install the Google app: Network File Share for Chrome OS.
  2. Find the IP address for your MyCloud device.
  3. Connect to your ‘Public’ folder. Share Path: {Your IP Address of your MyCloud device}\Public. …

This did not work as the file path wouldn’t mount to the file app.

Speaking to WD support, they indicated that WD products have not been tested and approved to work with Chromebook but only with Windows and Mac operating systems. Furthermore, since WD My Book Live device are legacy products that are not longer manufactured by Western Digital and Chromebook products were released way after, it could be possible that my device does not support this recent OS.

There may also be a username/password issue as I have that set up on my drive but am unsure of my username but do know my password. I have tried the Network File Share app with and without username/password and neither work.

Can anyone help?


You could refer to the following link: