I have the MyCloud 3TB drive which I have networked in the home. It works fine with the two laptops we have in the home. However my question is, will it support functionality with a Chromebook? From what I’m reading it looks like there is no support, however these articles are from 2014. Thoughts?

What make of Chromebook do you have? Have you tried adding it to your My Cloud in the Dashboard? Have you added the desktop app to it and tried it out?

Would you be able to guide me through how to do those steps? I haven’t bought one yet, but I think it would be the newest 2017 Acer model. Exact model number I’m not sure yet. I’m hesitent to buy it if I can’t access My Cloud.

Got my Chromebook today. Having trouble with the app you provided above. Any chance you could walk me through how to use it? I’m unsure what information is needed and where to find it.

You can’t add Windows programs to a Chromebook because it runs Chrome OS.

You can download most apps from the Google Play Store now onto a Chromebook. Search for the WD My Cloud app and see what comes up.

The following steps worked on an ARM Samsung Chromebook:

  1. Install the Google app: Network File Share for Chrome OS.
  2. Find the IP address for your MyCloud device.
  3. Connect to your ‘Public’ folder.
    • Share Path: \{Your IP Address of your MyCloud device}\Public
    • Display Name: {usually fills in automatically}
    • Place a checkmark on ‘My File Share needs a password’
    • Click ‘Mount’
  4. If successful, connect to your other ‘shares’ you’ve created.

It seems if you don’t connect to your ‘Public’ share as the first connection all other connections to other shares do not work.

These steps worked on a 2 TB WD MyCloud.

Hi Alex,
I’m trying to get this working but with no luck. It just spins and doesn’t mount.
I’m trying to connect to a MyBook World from my Pixelbook using Network File Share. I’m using the IP address as you suggest - \\public
Any idea why it might not be working? Really appreciate any help, at the moment I only have the Pixelbook so have no way of accessing my files

Download the desktop app of my cloud on your dashboard that has everything you need including the support for chromebook.

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