Access My Cloud with chromebook?

I’ve begun using a chromebook as my main computer and was wondering if anyone knows of a secure method that I could access the My Cloud that doesn’t involve doing something that will void my warrenty potentially, being able to copy files back and forth when needed (or having it somehow linked to my google drive - something like how it is done in the mobile app where you can go between the google drive files and my cloud files in the app directly and copy files between them)?

I tried going through the mycloud website but I can’t install java on the chromebook.

I’ve browsed around the internet and found the following:

  1. Access through FTP by port forwarding (not secure from what I’ve read)

  2. Access through ssh

  3. Remote desktop through another computer


At this moment WD doesn’t offer a Chromebook-specific access method. FTP and remote access through another system could work on your particular system, but you could also check the Chrome Store for dedicated NAS access apps.



Thanks for your answer.  

I look forward to hearing news that you are starting to support chromebook.   Chromebook OS has become the preferred operating for all members of my family (4 of us) and it is the system where I spent most of my time, and the only system that is common between the four of us. Some of us lean towards Macs and some of us lean towards windows, but all of us lean toward Chrome.  

Although I personally have a surface and a MacBook, the chromebook is usually faster and has no viruses/hacks that highjack my browswer, as most computing more cloud based, a chromebook is becoming more appealing.

I look forward to using the 2TB WD device from my chromebook soon.  I would recommend you pass the word “up the chain” that they should acknowledge the existence of Chrome OS and support it, it is only a matter of time before they will need to support it, and it is better to be ahead of the competition.  

As I plan to buy another cloud based storage system In the next 6 months or so, the support of the chrome OS will be one of the factors affecting my choice.

Thanks for your time.

(sent from my chromebook of course!)


According to this link:

21% of tablets sold in the US in 2013 were Chromebooks.  The lack of a Chromebook app for accessing MyCloud is difficult to understand.


Could you indicate when the WD My Cloud will support the Chromebook? I have the 4TB and find this a serious deficiency, the Chromebook is the ideal platform for the Mycloud, but is rendered useless to me.

I may have to spend my money on Drive and Dropbox up size


Canon wrote:

21% of notebooks sold in the US in 2013 were Chromebooks.  

But most of them were returned when people realized it wasn’t Windows.  Every graph I can find of 2014 Q2 has “other” at less than 2%.


I own a Chromebook too and would like to access my cloud via it.  Please help us with a solution for accessing it via Chrome OS

Thank you,

Jimmy Fallin


Maybe Chromebooks are less than 2% of  the OS (which I think the number today is significantly more) but cloud storage is more used by ChromeOS users than Windows users. Chrome OS is disigned to work on cloud.

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Maybe Chromebooks are less than 2% of  the OS (which I think the number today is significantly more) but cloud storage is more used by ChromeOS users than Windows users. Chrome OS is disigned to work on cloud.

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It always annoyed me that I can get the WD app on my phone but not my chromebook.  I decided to to convert the app for use with the chromebook.  Hopefully this helps everone that wants it working on chromebook.

You can download it here: Once downloaded With a browser windows open go to the settings option (the three lines in the top right corner) then select More tools>Extensions. Now tick the box in the top right corner marked Developer mode, and another button bearing the legend ‘Load unpacked extensions’ will appear. Click Load unpacked extensions and choose the folder downloaded.  I just did this so I have not been able to create an Icon.  I have tested this and was able to add google drive and my WD my cloud.  There is no Drag and drop feature and I am having issues with uploading(again work in progress) but at least I can now access my WD files.


I have read threads relating to this topic, I have just purchased a Samsung Chrome and recently installed the WD MyCloud 4Tb at home. Seems to work fine on my Mac and mobile, however I just need access from my Samsung Chrome, there must be browser support at least. I did see somebody posted the below link:

However it could be a typo, but just displays 6 items, what do I do with these please ?.

Anyway if somebody has some answers or workaround, that would be appreciated.

Best regards,


I would create a folder on your chromebook called WD.  Download the 6 files into that folder.  Once they are downloaded follow the instructions in my previous post.  I am currently working on trying to get access to local files within the app.  Once I get it correct I will post the updated files.  It would probably be a lot easier if WD would do this for us but I guess 1hr of work is too much to ask for its customers

I also forgot to mention please go to the chromestore and download Evernote and install.  This will install the app Runtime for Chrome (Beta) which I think might be required for the WD app.


Appreciate the reply, when I am back in the office I will give this a go and keep you posted.

Best regards,


If you’re only looking to download files over FTP, Chrome OS is able to access the files. Just enter your FTP server’s details in the address box:


or for anonymous login:

" ftp://full_url_of_ftp_server/ "

You can go start to a folder by just adding it:

" ftp://username:password@full_url_of_ftp_server/folder/folder "

Okay, I don’t want the faces in there. Where the emotics is, should be a colon. I post in rich text.

I tried downloading the files and unpacking the extensions, but am getting the error message 

Failed to load extension from: ~/Downloads

‘import’ extension is not installed.

I am really interested in accessing My cloud from my chromebook . Please post your solution.


Amazing job pchelpme. Worked perfectly. You should publish it to the store. Fir anyone that is having issues don’t forget to download evernote first.

Thanks for setting this up! 

I was excited to get it up and running, but am curious how people are downloading or viewing the files once they get the app working on their Chromebook? I can see my video files, but can’t view within the app and can’t figure out how to move them to the computer’s memory.  

Also, WD just released an update that allows for chromecasting.  I’m wondering how hard it is to replace the current veresion with an update that includes the new feature?

Either way, thanks so much for sharing your work with the community. 

I have a few mybook external hard drives as well as the my cloud. I’m considering the Dell chrome box. When you use th method stated here can you also stream videos off of the cloud or are they only for viewing/editing? Also if I plug in by USB my windows formatted hard drive will it work on the chrome OS? or will it be like plugging in a Mac formatted hard drive into my windows computer?

When I tried to open the one zipped folder, it says

Failed to load extension from: Downloads/WD

Cannot load extension with file or directory name Filenames starting with “_” are reserved for use by the system.

And of course there is no way to rename the folder.

Let me know if you have done any further work on this project. Thanks