WD My Cloud and Chromebook

By chance does anyone know if WD is coming out with an app/firmware or some kind of method that will allow me to access files on my WD My Cloud via my HP Chromebook?  It’s frustrating that I’m not able to access my files. 

Can you use your browser and go to Wd2go.com?

You have to use Java and tweak the security settings of Java to provide exceptions for the links to your WD (either the local network HTTP and HTTPS addresses, and/or the XXX.wd2go.com HTTP and HTTPs addresses.

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How do you update the security settings of Java?

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Thank you for answering the question, but without any details on exactly how to tweek the java settings in chromebook, I cannot do anything with the information you provided.

I must admit this might be obvious to someone else but not to a neophyte like me.

I don’t know where to find the java settings in chromebook. A quick search points at http://java.com/en/download/faq/chrome.xml

I have to agree with the original poster - When will WD start supporting this??  I don’t get why we solved the issue for phones/tablets but not for the Chromebooks, especially since almost 20% of the laptops sold in 2013 were Chromebooks.  

WD - I love the MyCloud but it doesn’t help when I can’t use it.

I’m ging to have to sell my MyCloud on eBay and subscribe to Drive or Dropbox iunfortunately. 

Any word on when this will be support on the release channel?  I guess when android integration…