Access My Cloud with chromebook?

I’ve begun using a chromebook as my main computer and was wondering if anyone knows of a method that I could access the My Cloud that doesn’t involve doing something that will void my warrenty potentially, being able to copy files back and forth when needed (or having it somehow linked to my google drive - something like how it is done in the mobile app where you can go between the google drive files and my cloud files in the app directly and copy files between them)?

I tried going through the mycloud website but I can’t install java on the chromebook.

I’ve browsed around the internet and found the following:

  1. Access through FTP by port forwarding 

  2. Access through ssh

  3. Remote desktop through another computer

Found an app that can mount sFTP but dont know how to mount it.

Hi, unfortunaltely I have not tried this, lets see if another user can provide some feedback or tips on this matter.