My Book Duo 12TB

I’ve noticed that disc #2 in my raid 1 configuration has red LED and under RAID status in WD Drive Utilities I got this info:
RAID volume is degradedf but the data is still accessible. Please install a supported WD drive to rebuild the RAID configuration.

Both 6TB Drives appear to be Online

I’ve removed disc #2 from the enclosure tho inspect it and found two back screws that are holding hhd motherboard totally out, other screws were already backed out 10-40% I’ve put missing screws back in and tied up all the loose ones and also inspected drive#1 for the same issue and found just one screw slightly loose.

Both drives were manufactured April of 2017 so they are relatively new.

Now the question is, do I simply hit Rebuild Raid1 under RAID Management or should I back up data before hand as it might be gone during this process?

Thanks in advance for any help.

As RAID Rebuild is used to recreate a RAID configuration in order to get back data in the drives but it is always recommended to take backup of important data files at minimum two different locations so that if there might be data loss issue then you can get back your important data.