WD Duo Raid1 drive replacement


I’m troubleshooting a different problem, where the drive drops out every few hours, but in the meantime, I’ve broken my Raid1 array, and am not having any luck rebuilding it.

This is a WD Duo WDBLW series, with 2 x 2TB WD Red drives in Raid1 that have been running it it for a couple of years now, most recently with Windows 10.

I removed one drive and ran for a day to see if it would drop out, then tried the same thing with the other drive. Everything ran fine with either drive1 or drive2 installed; all data is accessible.

I then put both drives back in, and got a “cannot access data” message from the WD Drive Utilities dashboard. The drive doesn’t show up in Window, and the rebuild button is greyed out.

After this, the individual drives still read OK in the enclosure, but with both in, it won’t read or show up in Windows.

I pulled one out, initialized it in Windows with a USB adapter, and still get the same thing. Now one drive works fine. The other is recognized as part of the Raid array, but the data is gone, as expected. Erasing it in the WD Utilities didn’t help.

At this point, I just want to get the second drive in and rebuild it from the first drive.

Any thoughts?


Use Windows “Diskpart.exe” to clean the drive. See if that help.