My Book Duo

I have a 6TB Duo drive, which was a replacement for a failed drive. I have had the drive for less than a year. The drive is set on Mirror and has approx 2TB on each drive. Today I connected it and only one drive is working. I received an error message.
RAID status Degraded because only one drive is working. It shows drive one as empty and only Drive 2 online. I appear to have lost all the data on drive one. What do I do. I am concerned that the second drive will fail before I can back it up.

This is now the 4th WD drive that has failed in less than 2 years.

Having checked both drives in the unit, I find they will work individually and they still contain the mirrored information. However if they are both in the unit I can only access one drive. The utility configuration shows that it has been changed from Mirrored to individual drives. The Raid status still indicates the configuration is mirrored but tells me one drive is empty and needs to be changed. However my check shows that the drive is not empty.

Hey Barrie_Tumbridge,

If you had a RAID1 configuration, the RAID will start rebuilding immediately after you replace the defective drive. If you still have access to the data it will be good to save a copy somewhere else.

Contact support so they can provide some assistance: