My 1TB WD Passport is showing up as 297.44GB


I updated the firmware and reformatted my 1TB WD Passport USB hard disk and now it is only showing up as 297.44GB on Windows 7.

I have lost 3 quarters of the capacity. 

I am running Windows 7 and the Windows Disk Management tool is not showing any unallocated space. It is formated with NTFS.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Some of these passport drives seem to be haunted.  I hope that is not the case the wireless 2TB passport I bought I Had to rma in < 1 week.  Then recently I have purchased the aniversary passport 2TB (gold) which I have not received yet, should get ilt by Tuesday of this week.  I just hope my wireless passport comes back working without too much fuss and I hope all goes good with my new passport I am yet to received.

Good luck on your issue. If still under warranty I suppose you can do an RMA too?

Any ideas anyone?