My Passport Ultra doesn't seem to back up larger files

I have a 1 GB My Passport Ultra and I’ve notice that lately it shows a number of files “pending sync” but never actually get copied. It just shows copying files for hours but no progress is made. Most of the files are over 50MB. I have plenty of room on the drive to store them all so I don’t know why it seems to be stuck. I did some research on these and other boards and this sounds like a common problem but I have yet to read about a solution. I am using the latest version of the SmartAware app and confirmed that yesterday. Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi Mark_CT, welcome to the WD Community. Be sure to close any programs that might be using the files that are pending. Smartware wont backup the files that are in use. 

Thanks for your reply but there are no other apps running and nothing is open.

If you issues are with smartware/smartwarepro, I don’t think I would risk my data to smartware/smartwarepro.  It is too unreliable and not a serious backup solution.

I’ve decided that I’m going to return the hard drive to Costco and purchase another brand. I don’t have the time or patience to mess with this thing. I’ve never had this many problems with any other external hard drive. 

Well I can certainly understand that as I just got my new 2TB passport wireless today, replacing the first one I had that was defective and the one I just received is defective as well.  I will be calling support to either RMA the one they just sent me or I may try to make a deal and ask them to give me two 2TB ultra metal edition passports as this rma stuff could get boring. I paid $218 for the passport wireless and at $109 for each 2TB ultral metal passport that would I think be a fair resolution to a forever defective product.  Two ultra metals would equal the cost of my single unreliable passport wireless.