Moving folders between shares

Hello all. Looking for some help with a WD Ultra EX2 NAS (OS5). New to the whole sport of NAS. :frowning: I have 1 TB of data on a 4 TB NAS. I wanted to move several large folders from a public share to a private share. After discovering that I could not do this with WD’s native cloud GUI, I mapped all the shares in Windows 10 file explorer and performed the copy (did not want to risk a move operation) in explorer. Everything seemed to work but when I deleted the folders (using windows explorer) in the original share and they disappeared from windows explorer, I discovered that they still exist in the original share when using the WD GUI. Now I am concerned that the copy performed in windows explorer did not actually do anything and so I am hesitant to delete anything within the WD GUI. My question; is it valid to perform file operations in windows explorer and expect the WD GUI to update to reflect the changes made? Thanks for any and all input on this.

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer:

Windows10, which is on a computer on the same network as the NAS will do a fresh read of the folder when you “refresh”, or open a new window. The speed is dictated by the Processor speeds (both NAS and PC) and the communication speed of your network.

Using the WebGUI, you are adding the following components to the above: Communication to the WD Servers, processor time of the WD servers, and communication back to your network.

Theoretically, that could be very fast.

Practically speaking. . . I think you are seeing some sort of updating of an index cache that limits the amount of bandwidth the WD servers must maintain with all the NAS units out there. Lovely isn’t it?

I will leave unanswered the question where that index that is being updated actually resides. Of course, I could be paranoid. I could just be that there is a minimum latency between WD servers and your system. (again, in the name of bandwidth). The implications of that are also lovely.

If you REALLY want to know what is happening with the system. . . SSH into the box, and run a program like winSCP to read the file structure on the NAS.

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Thank you for that reply. It’s good to have confirmation that performing file operations on the NAS in windows is valid. Especially since it does not seem possible to move a folder from one share to another from within the WebGUI, a disappointing shortcoming to say the least. I suspected a latency problem as well. So, if this is the case, it should catch up eventually. I will check it tomorrow. Also, this latency would mean that one has to take care not to perform to many operations at once, i suppose. I guess it’s time that I delve into SSH and WinSCP. This retired guy has trouble doing math in my head but given enough time I’m certain I can figure it out. Thanks again!

Don’t fret.

I am as old as the hills myself. :wink:

The key thing to remember: Not all software is serving YOUR interests. :wink:

The way I use these units is I simply flatly SHUN all the web access. I used to be a fan of the WD apps. . .but the software is moving in a direction such that I have decided to take an exit ramp. If I want external servers accessing my data. . . I would use OneDrive and DropBox. The only way I access the drives if via file explorer (and media server via Twonky and Plex).

If I want to access the drive remotely, I use a VPN connection to my network; and access the drive directly.

I actually very rarely use SSH and winSCP… . .mostly for very-rare data transfer operations where I don’t want to completely bog down a windows PC an be limited by the network coms.

Don’t get me wrong. . .Cloud file services DO have a place. I do use both DropBox and OneDrive. . .but only for information that I am willing to have shared on the internet.

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