MyCloud EX2 Ultra OS 5 - Move files between different shares

Hello, I’m the owner of an EX2 Ultra NAS and I’ve recently updated to MyCloud OS 5 (the version now is 5.05.111)…

On my NAS I set multiple shares called for examples “Photos”, “Films”, “Data”, “Transmission”, “Public”, etc… and sometimes I have to move some files from one share to another, but previously with MyCloud OS 3 and the web interface for accessing files “” I could do this, but now with the new website of MyCloud OS 5 “” I can’t move files from one share to another one but only in the same share…

Can you help me to understand why I can’t do this now and maybe how to fix this problem maybe from a setting or using another tipe of web application (I don’t know if exist)??

Thanks in advance


same problem here! Any information about a future (re)implemention?

You can use SSH and copy files:
rsync -avx --progress /shares/Videos1/test.mp4 /shares/Videos2/

(or move with mv)

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Not when I’m using my phone from another city!

I think the intent / request / basic functional need is to be able to do file management without SSH into the machine.

The new app is VERY limited in functionality. Not only can you not move files between shares; but you can’t even COPY files within a share. Or move entire folders (it’s file by file. . )

I first became aware of this when I recently started mass copying of files from a USB drive to the NAS. I was basically faced with the choice of (1) using a PC (which ties up the PC), or (2) using the WD backup functionality (which has it’s own warts; in terms of how it goobers the file structure).

There should be a way to do bulk file management WITHIN the NAS hardware.

As a side note. . .in OS3. . .these types of operations were even more evil; because indexing of USB drives was done by default upon insertion. That’s ok for a 128gb usb key. Not ok for a 4TB external drive half full of data. . .

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Exactly as @NAS_user said I need to move a large amount of files within a click from an app or a website even if I don’t have my PC with me to use SSH… In the new OS 5 I don’t have this possibility to move a folder of for example 2 or 3 GB from a share to another… However thanks for the answer…

Same problem here!

Please WD, make a proper APP!


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The same problem! I hope WD will fix this soon. It’s very annoying. Especially taking into account that they remobed build-in file manager.

P.S.: Maybe anyone know the third-party fine manager which can be installed on NAS?

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same problem

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Please re-install the file-browser to copy & move files and folders!

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how can I do it? is there any instructions for do it? where can I find it?
thank you

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