Moving Folder from 'WDSync' to 'Public' using

Hi all,

I own a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra HDD. I’ve just attempted to move a folder from ‘WDSync’ to ‘Public’ to free up some space on my laptop. I used the website platform for that by right-clicking and choosing the ‘Move’ function. A few seconds later, a pop-up notification with a green tick showed indicating the moving has been complete. I then signed out and closed my web browser. The folders then started deleting automatically from my laptop (through ‘WDSync’ application). In the meantime, I got one notification from ‘WDSync’ saying “Unable to sync ‘filename.pdf’”, but the syncing process continued with deleting the files, since they no longer were in my WDSync folder but my public folder. I didn’t do anything and just waited for the process to complete. After everything was synced, I went back to the web browser and logged into My Cloud. I saw that, in the folder where I received the notification of the failure to sync one of the files, 90% of the files of the whole folder went missing. I also tried restoring the folder through the feature on the desktop version of WDSync called “Deleted files” but it did not recover anything but empty folders. This data has a year’s worth of work for me and it would be very sad for me to lose it all over a simple attempt to move folders. I would really appreciate it if anyone has experience with such a problem and can help me recover my data.