Moving files in mycloud to mysync!

I moved a bunch of folders from mycloud to mysync folder and only a small amount of files where moved.Most of the folders that I moved are empty and they say there are no files in them.

Hello, Joe30

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

I did but they said theres nothing they can do

Is “mysync” really WD Sync?

Did you “move” (or copy) the folders from the My Cloud to your computer’s WD Sync folder? If so the folders should still be on the My Cloud unless you deleted them from the My Cloud after you copied them to your computer.

If you actually moved the folders from one location on the My Cloud into the WD Sync folder on the My Cloud then it is entirely possible the WD Sync program may have deleted those folders when it attempted to sync your computer to the My Cloud.

Check the WD Sync Help and read the section on restoring a file. It might (or might not) be possible that WD Sync backed up the files before deleting them. If so you can see if the WD Sync program will restore the deleted files.

Otherwise if the files/folders have really be deleted then there isn’t much you can do other than attempt to recover those files if you didn’t have a prior WD My Cloud Dashboard Backup / Safepoint of those files/folders.

One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to find numerous past discussions on how to attempt recovery of deleted files/folders on the My Cloud. there is no guarantee those methods will work/be successful.

Or one can send the My Cloud out to a professional recovery service and pay to have them attempt file/folder recovery. See the following WD link for more on paid recovery services.