MyCloud Deleted file

Hi I am after some help and advice. One of the people I work with accidentally deleted a file from the MyCloud 2 TB box. This was done over the network. I assume there must be a way to recover the file. I have tried searching the box via ssh log in but sadly the file did not appear.

The annoying thing is we did have sync set up to back up the files daily the pc it was running on had a problem of some sort and had stopped running the software several months ago and no one told me.

I have tried several ways of looking for the file but to no avail.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.



WD Sync should not be used as “backup software”.
If the file is deleted from a Sync Client PC, the delete occurs on the My Cloud and all Sync client PC.
If the file is deleted from the My Cloud, it also gets deleted from the Sync client PC.
IE: all copies are lost


Screen shot via ssh is small but the path is

Many thanks for the reply. It seems I was slightly confused with all the different names for your software! :slight_smile:

What I meant was the safepoint from within drive its self. It seems that the autoback up of what was on the drive to a usb drive stopped after someone else changed something. That’s another story!

So my question is still how can I find a delted file on the WD Cloud drive.