hi all, im using hub corn 2.0 theme atm.

is there anyway i can modify it so i can use my moviesheets with it?

thanks lee

Yes, you can implement moviesheets into any theme.  The “how-to” is a little more complicated and depends on the moviesheet and what you want to do.  It’s best to look at some of the other themes that use moviesheets, decide which one you like, then implement what has been done in that theme into the theme you are using.

i cant find anything for moviesheets in a theme i know has moviesheets.

can u point me in the right direction?

this is taken from:

ExtremeMix STD OSD 3.0\rv_gallery_browse_page.xml

thanks for your response drizzt09.

where do i have to put it?

im using hub corn 2.0 and browser display is small grid view

thanks lee

The “poster” line will not work for that view.   The line that drizzt09 pointed you to only works with “Gallery” view.  Which is in “rv_gallery_browse_page.xml”.

To make it work in the view you are using, you have to modify the “thumbnail”, but the only problem is that doing it in this view, the quailty will not be as good.

how can i do that then im not very good at this.

im thankful for everyones help

I would have to download and install hubcorn and look at to know exactly. Ill download it now, but I dont have access ot the hub right now and the little one is watching. Maybe Ill get some time to look at it late tonight.

This the one you are using?

You’ll have to open the “rv_video_browse_page…xml” and edit the “thumbnail” lines to show x=“0”, y=“0”, w=“1280” & h=“720” (or to what ever size and postion you need for the particular moviesheet you are using).  And you will need to set "col=“1” " & "row=“1”.  You will also only need one thumbnail, postion “0”.

This is all that you will need for thumbnails:

    <wrapper w=“1280 h=“720”>
      <image name=“th0” image=”@@browse_0_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_0" x=“0” y=“0” scale=“100” />


If you do this though, you will not have any thumbnails show up (as they do now), since you are replacing the thumbnails with a moviesheet, so if you want thumnails, you will need to use a trickle sheet.  Which will give you an appearence of having thumbnails.

However, I would suggest modifying the “Gallery View” instead.  You can make it look just like the view that you are using, then use JoeySmyth’s moviesheet trick to have both thumbnails and moviesheets show up without having to use trickle sheets, which have to be modified every time you add movies.

yep thats the theme im using.

ill give this a try

thanks lee

tryed but really dont know what im doing.

could someone edit the galleryview on this theme so when im browsing folders i get 18 thumbnails on the page

and then when i enter a thumbnail i get my moviesheet come up?

be so pleased if someone could help

thanks lee