Help With Movie sheets

Hello to everyone,

could someone please point me in the right direction,as i am having no luck in getting movie sheets to work on

the WDTV Live Hub.

I know how to use Thumbgen and flash the firmware etc,but evertime i do something it does not work ie no moviesheets showing.

Do I need to use a specific theme with a specific firmware,

What I have done is flashed the firmware to 2.03.24.

Then I have used the Anodized Theme.

Then i have used Thumbgen and created the movie sheets and tv sheets

Then when i go into movies it just shows the normal screen and i can see part of the template squashed in

the left hand side where ther is the movie folder.

I am doing something wrong,could someone please help

Many Thanks Dave

With the default untouched Anodized theme, moviesheets won’t work.

You need a modified one.

Try my modified themes, or extremedigital ones or joey’s theme.

Thanks for the reply,

I have seen your Theme and I liked it very much.When you say modified theme which one do I use? I have gone to the list of themes but I am unsure which

one to get…I thought they were all modified,

I am nearly there so i must be doing something wrong with the theme i am down loading.

If possible could you point me to your specific modified theme.

I really appreciate your work and help.


the default themes that come on the hub or can be DLed from the hub are designed to have an image to the left and the data to right.

This would be a cover image on the left and xml data on the right.

Movie sheets are just an image so in the default themes that image gets squished to the left in the coverbox spot[only location for an image].

There are several modified themes on here [Joeys, ExtremeDigitals, Firetix and few others I dont recall right now]. They are modified to use moviesheets.

the movie sheet trick is to stretch that cover image to cover the whole page.

Hellhound and Tinwarbles themes do not use moviesheets. They rely solely on an actual cover image and the xml file.


None of the themes listed on the first post in the “List of Themes” use moviesheets.  These are all original themes and the “Legacy”, “Winter”  and “Winter Mochi” themes are all themes created by WD and considered non-user modified.  All the other themes have been user modified.

The Moviesheet themes are in other parts of the “List of Themes” thread.  These themes are mostly based on other themes and are modified to use moviesheets.