Theme hub corn 2.0 (beta ) download link + 12 screen preview

hello people,

HUBCORN   with a new interface, I published a first screen of the Setup window. More info to come.

PS. it will not work with moviesheet

all Setup page it finish at 100%

screen 0hhhhhhhhhhhjh05.jpg

The Second Screen Video_List finish at 70% is not the original release

screen 0066.jpg

screen 3 : Main_Menu-finish at 100%

new innovation for the main menu, I managed to remove the black square and watch the matches:)

screen 011_main_menu_new.jpg

screen 4: theme_list_browse_page it finish at 100%

choose your favorite theme with this interface easier to see the preview of the theme :wink:

screen 010_theme.jpg

PS. the rating was placed there by choice a personal 1 star does not mean I do not like the topic it is only by placing priority

Screen 5 at 9: RV-BG.jpg

Choise your background :wink:






screen 10: Video_Gallery : 100% finish

screen 010.jpg

screen 11 & 12

the model color i work it. a pack





Very stylish!!

I like the look alot, but pity about the moviesheet aspect!

thank you:wink:


Nice theme I hope you get a lot of downloads when you release it

This looks AWESOME!!!  Can’t wait to see more!!!

will there be a version soon that will work with moviesheets

many thanks

very nice design, anxious to see more.  Looks great

what about version 1.5 that uses moviesheets?

thank for coment

look the second screen

That’s **bleep** of a work.

Keep up the good work !

sweet, can you share how you removed the black background

in less than one week I will release version, and the method will be in the source, thank you wait :slight_smile:

Good work on HUB Corn!

But if you would release how you managed to remove the black box it would be more helpful than having to look through the xmls for the change.



If you release how you were able to remove the blackbox, this would be very helpful with themeing. Thx.

Based on the screenshots, he’s removed the pop-up animation on the active button.  

If there’s no pop-up, there’s no need for a trans background, and you won’t see the black background bug.

But that in itself limits your options regarding styling the buttons.  Hopefully I’m wrong and he’s found a unique way to retain the pop-up effect minus the black but the image doesn’t show that…

sorry you’re wrong, the NORMAL button and FOCUS are kept, only a change in one. XML I’ll write all in one. txt has left HUBCORN 2 and tonight I post another 2 screen:)

It’s a great work so far Helll3ond. Still just curious to how you’ve removed the black box. Keep it up with the theme tho.


 a post a new screen, this screen is theme_list_browse_page

Finish at 100%

screen 010_theme.jpg