Moviesheets on Default Theme

Hi guys,

I’m really new on this themes and moviesheets thing. I’ve been playing around with a couple of movie themes I’ve seen on this forum, but honestly, I’d like to stick with the default theme on my WD Live TV Hub.

I’ve been around through some previous threads, but I haven’t been able to find the answer to my question. I would like to know the process to insert the movie details to my moviesheets, just like it is shown on the image attached.


I think it might something extremely simple, but can’t figure it out. I believe it might be done with ThumbGen, but I don’t know what (default) profile I should use, or if there are some specific settings that I should take care of.

That’s all I need, to insert the movie info on this screen view using the default theme.

Any ideas? Tips or old thread that I could be aware of?

Thanks in advance!!

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The reason that no one probably hasn’t responed yet is because no one can see your pic yet.  The pics have to be approved by the moderators (you can see it but no one else can), and this can take up to a day (weekends longer).

If you need a faster response, it’s best to upload your pic to somewhere like flickr, then post the the link here.

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Thanks for the reply

Here’s an external link for the image…


You need a Movie XML file for “Info” to appear.  (eg. Disturbia.xml)

2 ways

1. [Easy]  On a Movie … press the “Option” Button on your Remote Control & select “Get Content Info” 


You need to have the “Media Library” turned “On” to do this (otherwise Get Content Info will not be available)

2. [Intermediate / Advanced]  Generate the Movie XML using 3rd Party Software . eg Thumbgen

P.S. Since you are gonna “Stick” with the Default Theme … I Highly Recommend reading the User Manual

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That was exactly what I was looking for.


This is really helpful. I was browsing a couple of forums until I found it here. :slight_smile: